A machine built for performance, a road bike is a means to challenge fitness and willpower. Test your body's mind, compete, or just ride around Sheridan County for the views and exercise; it doesn't matter. We like the road!


If you can't decide between a road bike and a mountain bike, worry no more; the hybrid exists. True to its name, the hybrid is a fun mix of components, use, and geometry. A great choice for Sheridan's asphalt and county roads, come in and try one!


With Thorne Rider BMX park, Sheridan is a fitting and fun location for dirt jumping and BMX riding. Back Country Bikes carries Haro BMX bikes. 

When you choose one of our bikes for your child you are choosing a certain level of supreme durability and quality not found in department stores. Our youth bikes ensure a safe and long-lasting bicycle with wit the certain capability of being passed down in a family. Our youth bikes come from Specialized, Haro and Strider.


The most versatile bike around, whether a singletrack trail, a ride to the market or a trip around the neighborhood with the family,  the mountain bike is the coice of many. From hard tails to full suspension, 27.5" wheels to 29", everybody can find a version from the sturdy genre to fit their personal riding style and budget. Please select a dealer link below to view our manufacturers websites.



Looking for a smooth, cruiser-like ride while still maintaining efficiency and the ability to get up any hill in Sheridan? A comfort bike is a genre of bike perfect for traveling all around Sheridan, including the steeper parts, without putting extreme strain on you body. Trek and Specialized both carry great versions of comfort bikes.
Meant for shorter distances traveled in style, a cruiser is also a great option for a grocery and Sheridan Pathways bike. Ride down to Main Street, roll through the bike paths; a cruiser is the perfect, fun choice. A popular kind of bicycle, we carry cruisers from Specialized, Trek, and Kona.


As the old saying goes, start them young..... that way they can share your passion for the outdoors. Back Country Bike & Mountain Works carries everything that you need to get them started off on the right foot. From their first bike continuing through the time that they grow and refine their skills, let the experts help keep them safely rolling down the trail.